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High Dusting

What to expect

Beyond our curtesy service around your outside windows, we can get to all those hard to reach spots around the outside and inside of your home. With the safest ladders on the market, and quality tools, almost nothing is out of reach. We specialize in high fans, high shelves, light fixtures, and cobwebs. We can help reduce the germs and allergens, and complete the look, inside your home by dusting those difficult areas.

For high shelving, an almost invisible plastic covering can be installed. This will catch future dust accumulation and keep the shelf clean, making the job next time easier and cleaner.

We can service most light fixtures, and chandeliers. Replacing bulbs, cleaning the glass and fixture.

Fans up to 12 feet high, can be deep clean, bulbs replaced, and blade direction can easily be switched for the season. Fans above 12 feet high do require special consideration and we will discuss that with you during your estimate.

Smoke detector replacement, battery replacement, and testing the system can be requested as well. We suggest replacing your battery every year, and your detector every five years.

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