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Window Washing

what to expect

With every outside service you can expect some courtesy high dusting. We usually do this around your windows and entryways to help your windows stay cleaner longer. With our micro fibers we will clean around your window to make that frame sparkle. Every screen will be pulled and washed free from heavy dirt and grime, as well as the frame wiped down before it is re-installed. Last but not least...your window panes. We use the finest mop heads to remove the buildup from your window. Coupled with professional squeegee setups that glide along the glass, we can almost make those PANES disappear. 

When you book us for a full service you can expect the same quality and attention to detail as our outside service. Starting with shoe coverings and drop cloths to help us leave your house just as tidy as as it was when we entered. Every window will be opened if possible so that the tracks can be accessible for cleaning. Any buildup in the tracks, frame, and on the sill will be cleaned. If you have tinted windows, we can take care of those too. 

If you have knick-knacks, please remove them from in and around windows. We will help with some furniture if needed. Even though we do our best to watch our every move and we try to be diligent to avoid them, accidents can happen.

For those internal screens, during the winter, or if they are slightly dusty, our commercial grade microfibers do a good job at cleaning them without bringing any more water into the house than necessary. Although if needed, and the weather is good, they can be taken outside for  deep cleaning. 

If you have new construction, heavy dirt, or hard water that needs removed, although there is an upcharge for the cleaning, be assured that we will use everything in our arsenal to tackle the job. 

We use only the best tools to make your windows the clearest possible.

Accompanied with experience and technique, we can remove most anything. 

From new construction, to those windows that just have lacked the regular care needed. 

With attention to detail we don't skip any steps. Every service you can expect your windows to thank you!!


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