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Screen Cleaning and Repair

Repair coming Soon!!

Screen Cleaning

Every screen will be pulled and washed free of heavy dirt and grime. With soapy water and a screen brush, we scrub both sides of the screen and frame as well as wiping down the frame to finish it off before it is re-installed. We inspect and wash every screen during each outside service. For those internal screens, during the winter, or if they are just slightly dusty, our commercial grade microfibers do a good job at cleaning them without bringing any more water into the house than necessary. Although if needed, and the weather is good, they can be taken outside for  deep cleaning. 

Screen Repair

If you like to open your windows and doors, and enjoy a bug free breeze, then you need to keep up maintenance on your screens. Everything from sun damaged and torn screens, to broken corners and bent rails, become a highway for bugs. A proper fitting screen will come out easily, and still seal against most insects. Most screens can be easily repaired with locally sourced parts. However, some window companies use proprietary parts and take a bit of research to find replacements. That will be discussed during estimate.

We always replace or repair screens on site. If parts need ordered, we will take photos and do the research, then get back to you in three to five business days. 

There are a few options for screens now. We carry standard black mesh screen, but you can upgrade to grey screen, solar screen, or pet resistant screen. Although both pet resistant and solar screen offer similar features in light blocking, pet resistant screen is tougher and can handle little fur balls with claws better. Our supply allows us to handle screens up to four feet wide without special order. So we can also take care of most screen doors and screen sliders very quickly. 

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